Laser Drilling
GSC Capability
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Base Information
Layer count1L – 36L
Material supplierEMC, TUC, Ventec, Nanya, Isola, Panasonic, Rogers
Material typeFR-4 Tg (130-180), HF, Polymind, Teflon
Board thickness5.0mm Max
Max. board size (2L)1200mm x 515mm
Max. board size (mility-layer)850mm x 570mm
Max. number of layer (build up)2+N+2 and M+N
Min. buried via for plugged0.15mm
Min. Dielectric thickness50um
Max. number of layer (build up)4
Impedance Control
Impedance Control (Single & Diff.)+/- 5% ; 7% ; 10%
Mechanical Drill
Min. Drilled Hole Size0.10mm
Hole Aspect Ratio9:1
Laser Drill
Laser Drill0.05mm – 0.3mm
Min. Dielectric thickness50um
Hole Aspect Ratio≤1
Line Width / Spacing
Inner Layer
Min. width/spacing  –  3oz6mil / 7mil
Min. width/spacing  –  2oz5mil / 6mil
Min. width/spacing  –  1oz3mil / 4mil
Min. width/spacing  –  Hoz3mil / 3mil
Outer Layer
Min. width/spacing  –  1oz4mil / 4mil (Hoz + Plated)
Min. width/spacing  –  2oz6mil / 6mil (1oz + Plated)
Min. width/spacing  –  3oz7mil / 7mil (2oz + Plated)
Min. width/spacing  –  4oz8mil / 8mil (3oz + Plated)
Min. width/spacing  –  5oz9mil / 9mil (4oz + Plated)
Solder Mask & Legend 
Min. Mask Clearance3mil
Min. Mask Dam3mil
ColorGreen, Blue, Red, Black, White
Legend ColorWhite, Yellow, Black
Unique Fabrication 
Back DrillYES
Epoxy via plugIR-6P
Copper via plugYES
Blind routingYES
Half holeYES
Surface Finished
ENIGIPC-4552 (0.04um / 3~6um)
Gold platingYES
Imm. Silver / Imm. TinYES
Lead time
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TypeProcess L/T (Working Days)
Epoxy via plug+2
Laser + Copper via plug+4
SI Fixture +/-5% (I/L & O/L)5 weeks